Urban ROI Designer - Your software for real estate development


Evaluate different scenarios in the concept phase.


Visualize multiple aspects of real estate development without a CAD.


Test the economic feasibility in real-time.

Urban ROI Designer - Volume model and market test per construction plot


Calculates the return on investment in real-time.


Integrates form, function and finance in one step.

easy to use.

Planners and investors work on the same model.

Urban ROI Designer - Szenario development e.g. varying usage assignments

scenario based.

Volume studies and usage-scenarios are developed easily.


Finance and planning key figures are delivered by construction plot.


All results are calculated in real-time.

Urban ROI Designer - Detailed charts and reports on key indicators


Key indicators are visualized in various ways.


Key indicators are reported including all calculation details.


Key indicators are customizable.

Urban ROI Designer - Your real estate investment- and urban plannning type case with drag�n�drop


Easily drag'n'drop urban modules.


Includes social, economical and ecological aspects.


Client specific urban modules can be provided quickly.

Urban ROI Designer - Integrates GIS, CAD, Google Earth and Office data


Integrates and exports various 2D and 3D data formats.

team player.

Enables the team to work on the same model in real-time.

for you.

Sustainable investments, specialized infrastructure like airports or others — We are happy to provide you a tailored solution.

About Urban ROI Designer

Using the Urban ROI Designer [ uRd ] software you create real estate development concepts quicker and more cost efficient than ever. The business case is calculated in real-time while your are arranging the volumes and distributing functions along your plot. Key figures for planning are provided instantaneously. By using the [ uRd ] you are more than 3 times quicker, producing more and better concepts in less time. Working with the [ uRd ] is as easy as using Word, PowerPoint or Excel.

Socio-economic city model with modularCity

Sustainabilty requires planners to work with holistic models. modularCity provides urban designers and city planning administrations in Switzerland with a 3D socio-economic city model. Based on modularCity urban development is optimized for economic and social development while adapting land use policies.

Whom serves the Urban ROI Designer?

The Urban ROI Designer is the ideal software in projects lead by: